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Swag Soft Products and Sevices Empty Swag Soft Products and Sevices

Post  heroisthai12 on Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:19 am

Swag means style.
Here at Swag Soft, we are concerned with designing games, applications and websites with fun and style for the world.
Established in 2010 by veteran media professionals from the animation and gaming industries in Singapore with a combined 20 years’ worth of solid experience, Swag Soft aspires to become a top entertainment and lifestyle software developer.
Swag Soft specializes in the conceptualization and creation of mobile and web applications for entertainment, profitable, or viral and marketing purposes.
We also specialize in the production of websites which are stylish, functional and hassle free to update.
We provide the above usually as
1) services or sometimes
2) profit-sharing collaborations
If you are interested in having us conceptualize or build a mobile application or website for you, please contact us at info@swagsoft.com.


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