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HOA MANAGEMENT .COM is easy to find, easy to navigate, and an astounding leap forward for anyone involved in the COA (Condominium Owner Association), POA (Property Owners Association), or HOA (Home Owner Association) industry. This large group of individuals includes: Board Members, Committee Members, Management Companies, Service Providers, and Contractors - all of whom work directly with the over 300,000 planned communities in the United States. Planned communities will spend approximately $38.2 Billion dollars a year in the US on everything from management services to siding replacement. The list of industries and trades that are associated with COA/POA/HOA's is countless.

It's important to keep in mind that while many communities are professionally managed, 70% of communities are in fact self managed and vastly contribute to the $41 Billion operating revenue that is typically spent on local and regional goods and services. HOA MANAGEMENT .COM was carefully chosen and designed by some of the most competent and qualified professionals in the field. The term "HOA MANAGEMENT" was searched over 2 Million times in the last year; our directory will now be racing to the top of the next 2 Million searches as the premier result for all things "HOA MANAGEMENT". We are the portal for conveniently uniting everyone associated with this ever growing property management industry into one cost effective, easy to find space.

We have created the perfect "marketplace" for you. Traditional "pay per click" online advertising simply does not translate into the results that they intend to produce by offering "pay per lead" charging schemes. At an average rate of just $0.50 per click, over $150 Million may have been spent on pay per click schemes. With HOA MANAGEMENT .COM, you are in complete control of your advertising investment. Rest at ease knowing you will never have an unexpected fluctuation in your charges throughout the duration of your partnership. We provide you, as a Service Provider or Management Company, the opportunity to be represented by the most exclusively branded directory in the industry. There is never a barrier between potential leads and your contact information.

With HOA MANAGEMENT .COM your impressive listing is always on spotlight!

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