Whether your business objectives are to reduce transportation cost

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Whether your business objectives are to reduce transportation cost Empty Whether your business objectives are to reduce transportation cost

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Whether your business objectives are to reduce transportation cost, increase operation efficiencies, or securing the value of your goods, InsureShip can help. With over 15 years of experience, InsureShip has been providing discounted package insurance worldwide. Shipping insurance provides property protection for goods that are shipped throughout the world by sea, air, and over land.
You talk ... we listen. Our seasoned underwriting specialists listen to business needs and respond by developing customized, innovative insurance solutions for our customers. We develop long-term partnerships with clients and pride ourselves on our reputation for handling complex risks. Our customers include manufacturers, importers, exporters, and others in the shipping and logistics industry.
Whether it is the marine liability requirements of a terminal operator in Hong Kong, the D&O insurance needs of an Israeli technology company or the contractual liability exposures of a California luxury homebuilder ... InsureShip has a track record of satisfying customer needs through innovative insurance solutions.
Service matters! We have a strong customer service culture and are proud of the quick turnaround time that results from the responsiveness of our knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Our underwriters have significant authority and we expect and empower them to make complex, risk-taking decisions. We deliver expertise, integrity and reliability.
Handling a claim is the absolute moment of truth between an insurer and a policyholder. That's why Navigators demonstrates our commitment to insured's by managing claims fairly and expeditiously. Our unparalleled claims services are complemented by exceptional litigation management resources to achieve the best possible results on claims, while providing the highest level of service to our

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