Deep Purple and Black Sabbath

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Deep Purple and Black Sabbath

Post  heroisthai12 on Tue Dec 14, 2010 5:26 am

I know there is a Deep Purple and Black Sabbath thread but I really want Ian to have his own thread and its because, in my opinion, he doesnt and never has recieved enough credit.

Ian Gillan is my favorite rock vocalist . I am not going to say he is the best because of course thats subjective but if there was a method to clearly measure all aspects of what makes a good rock vocalist, I truly believe Ian Gillan would take the number 1 spot.

My first exposure to Gillan was when my parents purchased the 1970 original double LP of Andrew Lloyd Webbers and Tim Rices Rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar. I would listen for hours and follow along as it included a booklet with all the lyrics. I was 9 years old .Gillans role of Jesus Christ on the album demonstrated his incredible ability to convey a vast array of emotional subtleties in every word he sang. I think This is Gillans best work . I still pull this stuff out today and listen and my opinion hasnt changed in 38 years.
Gillan sings with amazing clarity, you can understand every word. His phrasing is so natural that you almost forget he is singing. And I dont think I need to mention his screams, but I will. The best ever. Absolutely unmatched

It was only a matter of time, 4 yrs , before I discovered Deep Purple and it was only then that I made the connection to this amazing voice that I had heard earlier in my life.

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