Opinion and feedback about 2.0 and 2.1

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Opinion and feedback about 2.0 and 2.1

Post  snowguy on Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:34 am


First: thanks a lot for this rom... keep it up !

I've install 2.1 on my galaxy, seems really nice... but, like a previous post said, i don't have sync with google so i get back to the 2.0
but i found a options call: "proximity sensor" with a mention: "use it if you saw some problem with blackscreen".
I don't know what that mean, so i look other options and then install the 2.0 !

Actually, the 2.0 work fine (without Bluetooth and camera Sad, but you know that...) but i've this problem of blackscreen when i finish a call and i don't found this options on the menu of the 2.0!

I don't know what to think about... The rom is really nice, and it's a pleasure to install it on a galaxy.
The problem with bluetooth doesn't matter, but the call or the camera is a bit more annoying.

I hope my feedback could be good to improve the next rom !
Don't hesitate to ask if you need more test, opinion or whatever... even if my english is bad !!
Best regards

PS: one last little thing, on the 2.1: when you start your phone, the button "emergency call" is a bit too high and we can just reach the 0 for the pin code.


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